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.people don’t get how much i want to give up. I’m not joking when i say i want to die. I’m so tired. My faith shattered. My soul cries for it all to end. The pain everyday i feel pain my soul is crying begging.

My head fills with bad thoughts. My head tells me to just make it stop.

I’m so scared….i want to live…i want to love….i want to feel emotions i haven’t felt in a long time..

I want a long hug from someone them letting me cry it all out. But noone knows what’s going on in my head. How bad i got….how close it is for me to just end it all.

I’m at the end of the line now….the very tip and i dont know if i could hold on any longer.

I want someone to see right through my fake laughter and painful smile. I hide myself so well i blame myself for it….i blame myself for everything. I’m so sorry mom dad…


crushes are great until you realize that they’ll never be interested in you 

It’s scary to think that there are words meant for me but were never said to me.

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How much pain fits inside a person?


His name is Sky. My life, love and strength.

His name is Sky. My life, love and strength.

I adopted a kitten a month ago. He changed my life. I’m still battling with myself but he made me feel like it’s bearable. I love him so much.
When i cry at home i know that I’m not totally alone. I have someone waiting for me at home when I’m tired and ready to give up.
He’ll always be there running and calling to me the second i reach home.
He’ll come crawling on my bed to sleep with me.
I don’t feel alone anymore.